Women in Architecture Vancouver greatly benefits from the support of its members. We put on events throughout the year and run programs that benefit our members and public at large. Our mission is to champion women in architecture and related professions by celebrating their achievements and providing opportunities for career development, networking, advocacy and inspiration for women at all career levels. Our memberships help to support our activities and programs.

WIA is pleased to introduce our theme for 2022 – Accountability in Architecture.As architects, we first and foremost have a responsibility to protect the interest of the public.
We commonly discuss how to design physically-accessible spaces and with environmentally-conscious materials… but what of our social responsibility? What of empathy? And what of advocacy for our own profession?

In the months to come, we will be exploring what accountability means in architecture – in our work, in our workplaces, and in the world at large.

Some questions we will be asking
In our work –
– How can we better educate our clients about the importance of sustainability?
– How can our designs become more culturally-safe and inclusive?
In our workplaces –
– How can we, as leaders, build organizational trust in our workplaces?
– How can we break down taboo topics – like employee rights, contracts, and compensation – and equalize opportunities for growth?
In our world at large –
– How can we advocate for our own worth as architects, in a world where our changing roles are frequently misunderstood by the public?

In essence, accountability in architecture aims to initiate a more mindful future – one where we, as architects, can really own what we do and why we do it – with confidence and intentionality.

If you have a question you would like explored or an idea for an event, please tell us what matters to you. We are excited to curate a year of experiences and conversations centred around accountability!