jane’s walk 2014 – call for guides

Picture(Source: Jane Jacobs Walk)


From Jane’s Walk Vancouver 2014:

“The planning has begun for Jane’s Walk 2014, an annual series of free, volunteer-led urban walks that honour the urban thinker Jane Jacobs! You are invited you to lead a Jane’s Walk this year on the first weekend of May (May 2nd, 3rd & 4th).

The walks are as varied as the people taking part, and usually last about 90 minutes. We ask each walk guide to offer their perspective along the route, and to encourage the public to weigh in. Through the simple act of walking and talking, the festival creates space for people to connect, share, and develop ideas about where their communities and cities are at and where they are headed.

Here is a link to some walk guide tips:

If you are interested in leading a walk this year, you can either repeat an older walk, or come up with a new idea. You can submit your walk online at this link: http://www.janeswalk.org/#getinvolved.

We are also looking for assistance with the coordination, outreach and promotion of this year’s walks, especially through social media and community networks and community newsletters. If you would like to help in one of these areas, please contact us.

If organizing or hosting a walk is more than you are able to commit to this year, we also will need a variety of event volunteers to assisting walk leaders with managing large groups, taking pictures/videos and answering general queries about Jane’s Walk. If you would like to volunteer to help out in one of these ways, you can also visit http://www.janeswalk.org/#getinvolved

Finally, if you have any friends or members of your community that would be interested in leading a walk, or helping out in other ways, please ask them to contact Elizabeth MacKenzie at [email protected].

I hope you’ll consider joining us. We’re very excited to get residents involved in articulating their hopes and dreams about civic space in Vancouver.