We hope that you are all safe and secure during this uncertain time.  For the safety of the community, WIA events will be on hold until the risk has abated.  While social isolation is in place we encourage you to stay connected online and we aim to remain a source for education and engagement.

As the world enters difficult and unsettling times, our cities and communities are inevitably feeling the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. While public facilities, shops and organizations are closing their doors to combat the spread of this aggressive virus, we in the architectural community are also facing uncertainty as our work conditions change, and construction sites may be put on hold. We understand that this may be a difficult time, but we would like to urge business owners to view these constraints as opportunities to think creatively and reassess how they operate.

We are particularly concerned about our fellow women in the profession, as they often carry more of the burden and may require more flexibility in handling new challenges while continuing to be productive employees.

Here are some options we encourage employers to consider during this disruption:

1. Minimize overtime so that workload can be distributed amongst all staff, and people can maintain their connections with friends and family;

2. If projects slow, consider implementing reduced work hours. This will ensure that everyone is in it together, and no one is left out;

3. Consider flexible work schedules to accommodate parents throughout the school and childcare closures;

4. Stay connected with your colleagues and keep everyone up to date with the changing situation through quick, frequent online office;

5. Lastly, it is extremely important to take the necessary precautions at workplaces and construction sites to mitigate any risk of forced closure.

By considering these alternative measures we may be able to provide a level of stability, job security and sustained income for our communities.  The systemic changes we are undertaking now may be a chance to improve our adaptability to future changes in project delivery methods, teams, and employee needs.

We urge you to stay positive, help each other out and get through this together, with a special consideration for your female colleagues and staff.



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